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Family and Veterans Shelter Expansion Project

Project Summary:  Annually Bread of Life Ministries (BOLM) turns away hundreds of phone calls and multiple families/singles each week, who are seeking shelter with us and we are unable to help them because we have no available beds at our shelters.  This project seeks to solve this issue and establish a goal of never having to say no again to any person in need of shelter services.  Our shelter expansion plans seek to renovate both our family and veteran shelters, by adding reasonably sized two floor additions onto both shelter buildings.  The family shelter expansion will add 6 new beds for single men and women and 8 new beds to be utilized by families.  The family shelter renovation will also add additional bathrooms, laundry rooms and a new case manager office.  The veteran shelter expansion will establish a new handicap bedroom and bathroom on the first floor for veterans struggling with mobility issues, an expanded kitchen/dining area and a second floor renovation which will add two additional bedrooms.

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Family Shelter General Construction Costs: $218,000.00
Veteran Shelter General Construction Costs: $183,000.00
Construction Contingency (15%) $59,700.00
Furnishings (Refrigerators, Stoves, Beds, Washer/Dryers, ect.) $29,000.00
Engineering/Architectural work $20,000.00
Total Project Estimated Cost: $509,700.00


BOLM has already raised funds towards the proposed renovation of our shelters. At this time we have raised $162,508.00 in cash towards the project and received $33,260.00 from the Home Depot Foundation in the form of Home Depot gift cards to purchase project building materials to be used by contractors for the renovation.

Family Shelter:
(1,190 sq. ft.)
1st Floor: 1 CM Office, Six new Single Beds (2 new Bedrooms), Bathroom and Laundry
2nd Floor: 8 New Beds (2 new Bedrooms), Full Bathroom and Laundry
-Full new basement for storage and new furnace.
Veterans Shelter:
(832 sq. ft.)
1st Floor: New ADA Bathroom, ADA Bedroom (2 beds) and double the size of kitchen and dining space and addition of commercial appliances.
2nd Floor: Two new large bedrooms (4 beds) and linen closet
-Full new basement and entrance for storage


Need/Demand: Turn away more than 600 calls for help per year and 5-15 different unique people and/or families per month.

Family Shelter Plans:

Veterans’ Shelter Plans:

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