BOLM is Celebrating 30 Years!

September 2014 marked 30 years of service to our community. As Bread of Life Ministries, what does that mean? That means over three quarters of a million meals served to those who are hungry and in need. That means literally thousands of bed nights of warmth and shelter, to those without a home and a place to feel safe. That means apartments and case management for those who otherwise have been overlooked in our community and without stable housing. It means thousands of volunteer hours from our neighbors and community members, to ensure that our services continue. And it means many many generous dollars of giving from our local friends, businesses, churches and neighbors, to ensure that we keep our doors open, the lights on and the heat running.

Bread of Life Ministries is a reflection of a greater community, a community of people that have said no to turning a blind eye to the disenfranchised and hurting. Our community members have said to us through their time and generosity, no one will fall through the cracks and we see you, we see your need and we want to help. Bread of Life Ministries is more than a staff and its board members. It’s a statement and after 30 years it’s something bigger than a few individuals, it’s a mission held by a community of people who care.

Thank you all for 30 years of caring and honoring all that have come through our doors saying, “If you can’t help me, I don’t know what I’m going to do”. Thank you for allowing us the ability to say, “Don’t worry, we’re going to figure this out. You’re safe now. We can help”. What an honor it’s been to be part of something that is so much bigger then ourselves.

Thank you all for 30 years. 30 years of caring and giving. What a gift. What a blessing.

Latest News:

  • Spring 2016

    Client Spotlight “What Bread of Life homeless shelter has done for me when I got there and from the time I’ve been here…They have given me clothing, shoes, a warm dry, and a nice safe place to stay. They helped me get my birth papers. They helped me get a

  • Fall 2015

    Happenings at Bread of Life We are busy preparing for Winter in Maine. Oh, wait a minute the weather has changed again. Seriously, nothing says Maine like the crisp wind and fall foliage. Before we know it we will be shoveling snow but never stopping our dedication to feeding, sheltering and housing those

  • Hope Rides - a GoFundMe Campaign by BOLM.

    Hope Rides – a GoFundMe Campaign

    Bread of Life Ministries (BOLM), in collaboration with Charlie’s Motor Mall, has launched a new fund raising campaign called “Hope Rides”.  With the hundreds of children, families and veterans served each year at the BOLM homeless shelters, one barrier is consistent for almost all our clients trying to break through

  • Summer 2015 Newsletter

    Happenings at Bread of Life It has been a busy time for us working to ensure that our clients and tenants needs are met. After the long, long winter we are working to spruce up our grounds and plan small events for our folks at the shelters so they are