July 8, 2015

Dear Friends and Partners,

Summer is here and the sun is shining today as I write to you. What a blessing the warm sun is after such a cold winter and what a gift that warm sun becomes to our clients who are so impacted by the elements.  Thank you so much for being a committed partner over the years, as we continue our work to provide food to the hungry and shelter to the homeless and hurting in our community.

Bread of Life Ministries (BOLM) was started over 30 years ago by a handful of concerned and loving community members, people just like you and me.  They saw issues plaguing our community, they were struck by them and couldn’t turn away from the outstretched hands of the hungry, homeless, broken and hurting.  So, with BOLM founder Carolyn Neighoff in the lead seven families gathered together to purchase 157 Water St. in Augusta, the location where our soup kitchen still stands today.  And out of the hearts of these community members from varying walks of life BOLM was birthed.  BOLM was born out of an important need to care for and love our neighbors.

I wrote you last fall seeking your help and your response and support was humbling and such a great encouragement.  This was the first time in 30 years of service BOLM had to send out a formal request to our community and ask for help.  Around that time we developed our budget for 2015, which required us to eliminate two positions from our staff, this was done in order to ensure good fiscal responsibility and to make sure our bottom line balanced.  From all of our recent work within our finances to ensure good accountability for every dollar given to BOLM, we know that BOLM serves and exists only out of the generous love and support of our community.  We could never serve and do the good work that we do without your help.  So, thank you for supporting us in the past and we thank you in advance for your support moving forward into the future.

Through your support and partnership BOLM was able to provide over 35,000 high quality meals in our soup kitchen last year.  In addition, because of your support we served over 500 people at our family shelter last year, which includes singles, couples and families with their children.  In 2014 we were also able to serve over 175 veterans at our veteran homeless shelter.  Along with all of these services BOLM provides case management to the homeless in our area and we also have over 80 units of income restricted housing that is used to transition people out of homelessness and into a stable housing environment.

Donate to Maine Bread of Life Ministries. Image and payment processing provided by PayPal.Every dollar donated to Bread of Life is put to good use, and supports programs that create real tangible change in people’s lives.  We end hunger every day when we give a meal to a person who hasn’t eaten for days.  We stop homelessness the minute we watch a mom, dad and three children walk into a safe clean BOLM apartment.  Homelessness ended that day.  It ended for that family and it is something they and we never forget when we walk through it with them.  If you can help with a financial gift we promise to honor that gift and ensure that it is leveraged in every possible way to serve those who are in the most need.

Thank you for all the years of support, encouragement and prayers.  BOLM is a community resource.  And BOLM is a community of people serving “the least of these” in our society, to ensure that no one falls through the cracks, no one goes hungry and no one cries out for shelter and is not heard.



John A. Richardson, Executive Director
Bread of Life Ministries

PS – Please visit us at our new office space at 159 Water St., on the first floor next to the soup kitchen!  A generous community member donated the money needed to move our offices to the first floor and make us handicap accessible.  Also, check us out at on Facebook!

Thank you! Your support is tax-deductible as a contribution to a 501c3 non-profit.

Mail your gift in by July 31, 2015 and your name will be entered into a drawing
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