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Mission Statement

"Bread of Life Ministries exists to provide food for the hungry, shelter to the homeless, and services that help people change their lives and take personal responsibility. God calls us to minister to one another and assist those in need"

Creating Self-Dignity & Self-Sufficiency

Bread Of Life Ministries - Advisory Board Members


The Advisory Board of Community Leaders offers advise and input to Bread of Life Ministries. As a “think-tank” group, these individuals offer their knowledge and expertise to help us become a more effective organization. We thank them for their time and support!





John Blouin


Dr. Laurel Coleman


Paul Connolly


Norm Elvin


Gay Grant


Dr. Cameron McKee


Ron Moody


Bob Moore


Judy Paradis


Roger Pomerleau


Ann Stiman


Jerry Schulte


Bill Stokes


Gerald Tyler


Terry Vogel




"Thank you for taking interest in my life and my welfare.... all of your staff has bent over backwards to help a broken down spirit." "WOW! Eye opening, thanks for all that you do." "I've never lived in a place this nice!" "I get to sleep in a real bed tonight!" "We would have lost our home if it weren't for Bread of Life." "I have never been so happy... I will not mess this up" "Wow, I can't believe I have my own room!"



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