BOLM’s Center for Life Skills

Center for Life Skills, Maine Bread of Life Ministries, Augusta, Maine.The Center for Life Skills is a key component in a guest’s transition from homelessness to stability in the community. Started in 2005 with a focus on vocational job skills, it has evolved to a multifaceted training and educational source for our guests.

Located in a recently renovated building on the same property as the homeless shelters at 157 Hospital Street, this facility is set up to accommodate classroom training, small group sessions or individual internet use for job searches, housing searches, or access to other community services related to the transition from homelessness to stability.

The programs offered at the Center for Life Skills are varied and change continuously based on the needs of our clients. While there are a few regular program offerings (budgeting, parenting, interviewing, etc.), most of the programs are offered by various local agencies and groups in the community and focus on their specific areas of expertise such as careers, health, financial, family, and education.

The Center for Life Skills also has a new child play area, renovated by a local group of parents, offering a fun and safe place for young children while their parents are participating in the programs or simply doing research on the Internet.

For questions about this service, please e-mail or call (207) 626-3434. Thank you.


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