BOLM’s Facts

Soup Kitchen:

BOLM's Facts about the Soup Kitchen provided by Maine Bread of Life Ministries.Serving hot meals since 1984 to anyone, no questions asked. There are meals served 6 days per week, Mon-Sat, 11-12:30, year round. Over 120 people served per day, Over 36,000 meals served in last 12 months, and over 5,000 volunteer hours per year.

Each month we need:

72 gallons of milk
144 gallons of juice
3,500 servings of fruit
4,000 servings of vegetables
2,000 pounds of meat
3,000 pounds of potatoes or pasta

Homeless Shelter:

BOLM's Facts about the Maine Bread of Life Homeless Shelter, Augusta, Maine.Providing shelter and safety to the homeless since 1986 Started with 11 beds, now has maxed out with 30 beds. The Homeless Shelter provides over 10,000 beds per year (one person/bed/night). The average stay is 60 days+ and 60%+ are families. 1 of every 3 in shelter is a child. The Homeless Shelter also provides transportation to AA meetings each day held at the Soup Kitchen.

Transitional Housing:

The Transitional Housing program was started in 2002 to help people transition out of the shelter which can stay up to 2 years. We provide all furniture and appliances. 8 units in three buildings are available (2 & 3 bedroom units). Case Managers interact with clients toward self-sufficiency, 2008 added 9 units of short-term transitional housing for families.

Permanent Housing:

The permanent Housing program was started in 2005 to help people stabilize into a permanent household. This service is available to anyone needing low income housing. Our clients can stay short or long term and we have 61 units of housing available for singles and families. Some furniture assistance is available through our Donation Center. We are always in need of furniture and household items for our donation center to assist those in need.

Case Management:

Started in 2005, to assist individuals toward self-sufficiency. Case Management helps clients with housing and job search, GED preparation, budget planning, and communications. Case Managers meet with clients toward solutions and services.