BOLM’s Homeless Shelter

PHONE: (207) 626-3479 
FAX: (207) 809-8968

Started in 1986, the Homeless Shelter offers a warm, welcoming, and safe facility to those needing shelter. The shelter is located on Hospital Street across from Riverview Psychiatric Center, a little over a mile from the Soup Kitchen. Originally having only 10 beds, the shelter now offers 20 beds, and 10 overflow beds each night to help those who are homeless.

The shelter is full virtually each night, and turns away 40-85 individuals and families each month. In 2000, we saw a growing number of families and children needing safety and warmth in our shelter. We have seen as many as 8,500 bed-nights in a year (one person/bed/night), up from 1,800 in 2000. Currently we see a mix of families, couples, single parents with children, and singles.

Over 60% of our guests are families, with 1 of every 3 being a child. The average stay is 30 days. Our goal is to get them settled in transitional or permanent housing such that they can receive the care they need to become self-sufficient, working toward employment and education whenever possible.

For questions about this service, please feel free to e-mail Thank you.