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Fall 2015

Happenings at Bread of Life

We are busy preparing for Winter in Maine. Oh, wait a minute the weather has changed again. Seriously, nothing says Maine like the crisp wind and fall foliage. Before we know it we will be shoveling snow but never stopping our dedication to feeding, sheltering and housing those who are out in it.

Client Spotlight ~ John ~

I’d like to take a minute to share my family’s recent stay with some very special people. My children at the time were 15, almost 16 and 14. Their lives were at best described as a faulty rollercoaster that had gone off the track too many times. I had all I could handle, physically tired, emotionally exhausted, and had all but given up. Within a week I was having difficulties. A man came and met with my kids and me. He asked us to explain a little about our situation. In a more private tone, he spoke to my kids and waited patiently for their answer. This man’s understanding reassured two teenagers that they count in the circumstances they were surrounded by and were not forgotten. That’s priceless!!!

Though I found myself apparently pushed to the limits, I was able to find avenues to deal with my issues through talking with staff and other families. Our stay at the shelter was shorter than most but that’s what it’s about. A temporary place that provides not only shelter, food, warm clothing but friendships that will last forever. John, Bread of Life’s Executive Director and his staff go out of their way to help those who need a little along the way but what people leave the shelter with is much more than housing. It is a promise for a better tomorrow and hope for achieving the goals you all set forth. The support you receive continues when you’ve moved on so continue the circle and give back to those who have given to you.”

~ Written by John currently a BOLM client in housing ~

You Never Know Unless You Take The Time To Ask

2015-fallThe paintings above come from one of our clients in our Veterans Emergency Shelter. This individual sought solace in art. We would never have known that this was a coping mechanism for him unless we asked and he felt comfortable enough to tell us. Well we asked, and he told us. The results of this man’s talent took us back and when he wanted to keep them at the shelter for the other Veteran’s who come after him, we were humbled.

You never know what experiences lead to homelessness. We have a picture of what an individual’s story might be but you don’t REALLY know unless you ask.

Take the time to ask, we did.

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