Success Stories of BOLM

“Thank you for taking interest in my life and my welfare… all of your staff has bent over backwards to help a broken down spirit”

Bread of Life Ministries Success Story by Don.Don: “I became homeless for the first time in March 2014 when I left an 11 year marriage that had become verbally and psychologically abusive. I left my home with little more than the clothes on my back and made it to Waterville. I stayed at my daughters and her fiancés until a spot in the Waterville shelter opened up. I stayed there from early April until June. At the urging from a friend, who was also in the Waterville shelter; to come to the Bread of Life Shelter in Augusta. I waited for an opening at the shelter. I came in to the Bread of Life Shelter in early July.

The staff at Bread of Life as well as the other guests, welcomed me and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I was treated with dignity and respect, making me feel like a valued person who had something to contribute. My case manager helped me get connected to all the resources I needed to get back on my feet and become a productive member of society again. While the shelter provided my daily needs, I was able to focus on getting housing, mental health services, and medical services. Again my case manager, whom I meet with throughout the week helped me to get everything necessary for life outside of the shelter.

I left the shelter October 1st in order to move into my apartment. The Bread of Life helped me get furnishings for the apartment because I had nothing to work with when I came to the shelter. I also made some lasting friendships while I was there. Including someone who is very special to me and who I’m planning to build a life with. It just worked out that way and I’m happier and more content with my life than I have been in many years. Being homeless is something I wouldn’t wish for anyone, I hope it never happens to me again but the people at the Bread of Life will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful to them.”

Bread of Life Ministries Success story by Jeannette.Jeannette and Abby: Single Mom & newborn baby – left violent situation.

Their story:  Jeannette and Abby came to the Homeless Shelter after leaving a domestic
violence situation in their home. There was no room for them at the Family Violence
Shelter at the time. Both of them were sick and needed medical attention which we helped them with. Over time we were able to help them get connected to housing, and Jeannette was able to get a job with our assistance.

Child care was needed due to the job, and our Resource Center Staff help pull it all together. Jeanette and Abby are doing much better. Today they are safe, healthy and part of the community

“I’ve never been this happy… I will not mess this up”


Bread of Life Ministries Success story by Joseph.Joseph: Early 30’s, on his own since the age of 8, lived on the street and with various foster families.

His story:  Joseph came to us with many challenges. He was diagnosed with both mental illness and substance abuse. He had to go to Co-occurring Court to deal with some charges. He made great progress in the court process, and became a model example of being able to change his life around. He joined AA and became a volunteer driver. We helped him obtain housing at the Lawrence House and assisted him in getting employment. He became a peer counselor at Riverview Psychiatric Center. After such and amazing turnaround, he was invited to be the Spokesperson and Featured Speaker at the State-wide Annual meeting of the Co-occurring Court. Joseph is currently self-sufficient and doing well.

“We had to start all over, and could have never done it without the shelter, the soup Kitchen”

Bread of Life Ministries Success story from a local family of 4.Local Family of 4: Mom, Dad and 2 young children – Show up at shelter thinking they had no hope.

Their story:  Dad lost his job, and also had a criminal background which prevented other employment opportunities. He also needed surgery. Through Bread of Life, both were able to find jobs, and dad was able to get the surgery he needed. After getting them connected to an apartment, they were the first family to successfully pay back their security deposit loan and are now paying their ongoing bills as a healthy, contributing family in the community.

“I’ve never lived in a place this nice”


Bread of Life Ministries Success story from Sandra.Sandra and four children (ages 8-16): Fiancé died, leaving them in turmoil

Their story: After her fiancé died, they lived with a friend, and eventually even that was no longer an option. Showing up at the shelter, they had nothing and needed much. After 90 difficult days in the shelter, they were able to be relocated to one of our transitional housing units which allowed them the opportunity to stay up to 2 years. During this time, one of the children who had been left behind in a group home was able to be reunited with the family. Through the support of the Resource Center, the children got settled in school, and Sandra got a job for a local governmental agency. She continues to do well, and has received promotions. She was also able to get connected to language and relational skills classes. Their housing unit has been kept in immaculate condition and they have recently moved into their own home. What a journey!