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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Happenings at Bread of Life

It has been a busy time for us working to ensure that our clients and tenants needs are met. After the long, long winter we are working to spruce up our grounds and plan small events for our folks at the shelters so they are able to enjoy some shining spots in their time with us.

Mother’s Day

Recently staff had a desire to do something for our Mom’s on Mother’s Day. Scott O’Brien at Augusta Florist donated a single pink Esperanza Rose to each of our Mom’s in a beautiful arrangement. Many thanks to Scott for his generosity. A person who knows about Community and caring for those who have so little.

Sprucing up the Veteran’s Flagpole and Walkway

A former intern, now volunteer, spent time recently bringing in heavy equipment to make our lawn, walkway and flagpole display more regal and classy. A true testament to what our Veteran’s have sacrificed for our freedoms. We would like to say a special thanks to volunteer Scott Gress for everything he’s done to bless our clients and BOLM.


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